Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Crclee - Bangalore, India.   Apl 2019 - Present

  • Designed and developed a QR based food ordering web app with a clean and stunning UI.
  • Created scripts for generating and scanning the QR code.
  • Created API's for the order notifications, menu items and placing the orders.
  • Integrated social login like Google, Facebook and payment gateway.
  • Developed a management system for managing the orders, reports, inventory, employees and menu items,kitchen.
  • Developed a module to send sms and email to customers for requesting the payment.
  • Developed a module for generating PDF for the reports and invoice.
  • Created a module for sending invoice to customer.
  • Built this entire product from scratch.

Technology Used:Python,Django,AWS, HTML,CSS,Bootstarp,Javascript, Ajax, jquery.

Software Engineer Intern

Archie.ai - San Francisco, USA.   Sep 2018 - Nov 2018

  • Worked with Rest API's for the index fund website.
  • Wrote scripts to fetch the Binance50 API data to the CSV files.
  • Worked with Ajax to append the API data to the HTML page.
  • Developed script to alter the time interval for fetching the API data.
  • Designed the website with the Bulma CSS Framework.
  • Made website more responsive even for mobile and integrated third party tools.

Technology Used:Python,Node.js, AWS, HTML, Bulma CSS, Ajax, jquery.

Full Stack Developer Intern

Konigle - Singapore.   June 2018 - July 2018

  • Developed registration forms for the organization and user using vue.js for frontend and Django for the backend.
  • Validated the user data before saving the form data.
  • Integrated login with Google using social django module to the registration forms.
  • Developed an Android app from scratch with an on-boarding screen, Login, Signup and built a module for sending the user information to the administrator via e-mail using SMTP.
  • Validated user data, used material design and added toast messages.

Technology Used: Python, Django, Vue.js, Sqllite, HTML, CSS, Android (Java, XML).

Software Developer Intern - Conversational AI

Devathon - Hyderabad, India.   Sep 2018 - Feb 2018

  • Designed and developed a Eatable (Restaurant Chatbot).
  • Implemented a module which can ask for restaurant recommendation, locate nearest branch of a particular restaurant chain, Query for timings of a restaurant.
  • Developed a module to search for restaurants by name, cuisine, location(nearby), budget, Add/remove from list of favorites and integrated to Facebook Messenger.

Technology Used: Python, Flask, Zomato API, Dialog Flow(NLP), Facebook Messenger.

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