Hey! I'm Srirama Dheeraj, a Computer Science enthusiast, innovative thinker and a self-taught programmer. I'm intensely attentive in the boundless field of algorithms, fascinated by the astounding wonders of distributed systems, Artificial Intelligence and eager to learn about them. I like programming and I love to spend my time sitting in-front of PC. I've worked on different projects to get much intuition. You can see my Projects and Education in the Menu tab. I like to learn new things especially Computer Stuff and enhance my knowledge. I love watching TV series like Breaking Bad, Silicon Valley, West World, Mr. Robot, Narcos, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things.

I'm a Student and Developer

Languages/Markups and Scripts:
Tools/Frameworks: Django, Android Studio, Flask,


  • May-2019 - Graduated from SRM Institute of Science & Technology.
  • Mar-2019 - Started working as a Full Stack Developer at Crclee.
  • Nov-2018 - Completed internship at and Graduated from Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree program.
  • Sep-2018 - Started working as a Software Engineer Intern at Archie.AI.
  • July-2018 - Completed internship at Konigle.
  • Jun-2018 - Started working as a Full Stack Developer Intern at Konigle.
  • May-2018 - Received a complete scholarship from Google for an Android Developer Nanodegree course at Udacity.
  • Feb-2018 - Accepted into the Grow with Google India Challenge Scholarship for the Android Developer course at Udacity and
    Completed internship at Devathon.
  • Jan-2018 - = online (hosted this webiste).
  • Sep-2017 - Started working as a Software Developer Intern at Devathon.